Nuclear Physics Discussion Group @ CBS

This is a discussion group comprising faculty, postdocs and students primarily from CBS, with participation from other researchers based in Mumbai.

The goals of this group are:
  • Develop a discourse on current research developments regarding the the atomic nucleus
  • Stimulate interest and convey the excitement about the field to students
  • Provide a forum for improving interaction between experimental and theoretical physicists
  • Converge upon ideas and means to address interesting physics problems using existing and upcoming facilities in India
The discussions are scheduled once a month at CBS, usually on the first Wednesday of the month, at 3.00 pm. Other days may be agreed upon based on mutual convenience.

The group presently includes the following members from CBS:
Faculty: S.C. Phatak, S.K. Tandel, A. Bhagwat, M. Hemalatha
Visiting Scientists and Research Associates: N. Upadhyay, D. Negi
Graduate Students: S.G. Wahid, N. Maladkar, P. Roy, D. Kumar
Other group members: B.K. Jain, H.C. Pradhan
Interested Masters' students from CBS are also involved and more are welcome.

Some researchers and visiting faculty from BARC and TIFR also participate in the discussions.

If you are interested in joining this group or have
comments/suggestions about this page, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

The topics discussed till date are listed below:

1st April, 2015 B.K. Jain (formerly BARC and CBS) Time delay and seeing nuclei from the outside
6th May, 2015 S.C. Phatak (CBS) Scattering Calculation in Momentum Space with Coulomb Potential
30th September, 2015 S.K. Tandel (CBS) Isomers and oblate rotation in neutron-rich Pt isotopes  Physics Letters B 750 (2015) 225
4th November, 2015 Ameeya Bhagwat (CBS) Wigner-Kirkwood mass formula  
30th March, 2016 M. Hemalatha (CBS) Online and offline laser spectroscopy of nuclei away from stability  
20th April, 2016 Neelam Upadhyay (CBS) Coulomb wave functions in momentum space  
5th October, 2016 Dinesh Negi (CBS) Structure of Hg isotopes along the line of stability  

Last updated: 5th October, 2016


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CBS was set up by the Department of Atomic Energy and the University of Mumbai in 2007. CBS offers a 5 year integrated MSc program in Basic Sciences, with undergraduate teaching embedded in a postgraduate and research environment, for students who have completed 10+2 schooling or its equivalent.