Science Quiz: Jigyasa

Jigyasa 2017

General Rules and Guidelines:

  • Jigyasa is a three phase quiz. Phase1 will be held across various centres of Mumbai and at IISER,Pune. Phase2 and Phase3 will be held on a single day at Centre for Excellence in Basic Sciences, Mumbai (UM-DAE CEBS)
  • Participation will be in teams of 3 students each. The members of the team have to be from the same institute.
  • Registration can be done online. There are no registration charges.
  • A total of 15 teams appearing in phase1 will be selected for appearing in phase2 and out of these 5 will be selected to appear in phase3.
  • Teams will be free to choose their preferred centre for phase1. However, the organisers of Jigyasa hold the right to change the centre if need be. The teams will be informed well in advance of any such change.
  • The quiz will be focused on testing physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology and all four will have equal weightage. Hence participants are advised to form teams so that they have a fair amount of knowledge in all the four subjects.


  • Phase1 will be held on 10th of September,2017 from 10:00 hrs to 13:00 hrs. All teams are requested to report at the designated centre latest by 9:45 hrs.
  • Scientific calculators (non-graphing) are allowed.
  • Phase1 paper will consist questions on physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology. The distribution of questions for EACH SUBJECT is as follows:
    • 10 multiple choice questions
    • 2 multiple choice multi-correct questions
    • 2 assertion-reason questions
    • one long answer question
  • In addition to above there will be 25 multiple choice questions on general awareness/knowledge in science.
  • Best three out of four subjects will be taken into account for calculating the final score of each team. All questions of general section are compulsory.
  • Tie Breaker-In case of a tie the team having marks in subjective questions will be given preference. The team having higher number of marks in their best three subjects (same as e) will be given preference. If the tie still persists the team having the lowest average in terms of the current year of study of its constituent members will be given preference. If all this fails to breaks the tie the teams will be awarded the same rank.
  • All teams clearing phase1 will be awarded certificates and free Jigyasa merchandise.

Details of phase2 and phase3 will be communicated to shortlisted teams after Phase 1 is completed.

At any stage of the event the decision of Jigyasa organising committee shall be final and binding.

Jigyasa is an annual Science Quiz organized by students of University of Mumbai - Department of Atomic Energy Centre for Excellence in Basic Sciences. It is a platform for students of undergraduate colleges in the state of Maharashtra to exhibit their aptitude for science as well as innovative thinking.

Jigyasa started as an intra-college competition in 2011 as a part of the CEBS Science club activities. The following year, Jigyasa grew with more number of participants from various departments in University of Mumbai.

Jigyasa provides a platform for the budding scientists and science aspirants to interact with students of CEBS and other prominent colleges, and discuss opportunities in pure science research, with an aim to contributing to the National Science Programme. It also provides opportunity for students to interact with faculty in CEBS, and scientists from TIFR, BARC, IIT-Bombay, HBCSE etc.

Jigyasa aims to check the students in various aspects like scientific aptitude, analytical abilities, experimental mindset, creative thinking, innovative skills, smartness and promptness. Special care is taken to avoid knowledge based questions so as to bring students from different batches and years on equal footing. All questions and problems are based on knowledge at the 12th standard level.


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