Accretion is one of the ubiquitous processes occurring in diverse class of astrophysical objects. It plays important role in Novae and X-ray binaries, in addition to other class of sources. Study of these sources involve interpretation of multi-wavelength observational features and properties. In the near future with the launch of ASTROSAT, a huge amount of Optical/IR/UV/X-ray data will be available to study these systems. Radio observations from the GMRT will complement the higher energy emissions and provide a more complete understanding of the astrophysical phenomena in these sources. This provides an unprecedented opportunity to students and young researchers to tackle cutting edge research problems in the field of Novae and accreting binaries. We are organizing a workshop at CBS which will focus on current topics of interest in this field. We aim to provide an overview of the research problems to the participants of this workshop and hope to stimulate their interest in this field of research. The workshop will conduct regular talks and data analysis demonstrations. It will be held at Centre for Excellence in Basic Sciences, during December 2-6, 2015. Researchers, PhD students from all over India and M.Sc. students from Mumbai are eligible to apply. The number of participants will be limited to 50. A limited travel allowance is available. Accommodation and food will be provided. Last date of registration is October 15.

This workshop is jointly sponsored by CBS and IUCAA and generously funded by Infosys foundation.


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