The Meeting of Society of Biological Chemists (India)

Mumbai Chapter, 19th August 2017

“Recent Advances in Chemical Biology”

Organised by : UM-DAE Centre for Excellence in Basic Sciences, Mumbai University Kalina Campus, Santacruz East, Mumbai 400098

Venue : Green Technology Building Auditorium, Mumbai University Kalina Campus.

  • 8:30 h – 9:00 h: Registration and Tea
  • 9:00 h – 9:45 h: Inauguration of the Meeting and Welcome address
  • 9:45 h - 10:30 h: Keynote address by Prof. Sanjeev Galande, IISER-Pune.
    "From Genome to Epigenome: A new perspective towards understanding complex disease”
  • 10:30 h – 10:45 h: Tea break
  • 10: 45 h – 13:15 h: Invited talks, 30 min each

Session I: Chemical Biology of Unicellular Organisms

  • 10: 45 h – 11:15 h: Prof. Hema Rajaram (BARC).
    “Superoxide dismutases of cyanobacterium, Anabaena: Their spatial distribution and nitrogen-dependent mitigation of oxidative stress”
  • 11: 15 h – 11:45 h: Dr. Ainavarapu Sri Rama Koti (TIFR).
    “Biophysical studies on malaria parasite cell surface circumsporozoite protein (CSP)”

Session II: Complexities of Biological Chemistry in Humans (30 min each)

  • 11: 45 h – 12:15 h: Prof. P. V. Devarajan (ICT).
    “Drug delivery strategy to surmount the blood brain barrier”
  • 12:15 h – 12:45 h: Prof. Sanjay Gupta (ACTREC).
    “Histone isoforms and variants: Importance in Cancer?”
  • 12:45 h – 13:15 h: Dr. Deepak Modi (NIRRH).
    “The HOX control of embryo-endometrial cross talk for initiation of pregnancy”
  • 10 mins Student presentation (selected from the Abstracts)
  • 13:30 h – 14: 30 h: Lunch break
  • 14:30 h – 15:30 h: Poster Session
  • 15: 30 h – 16:30 h: Invited talks, 20 mins. Each

Session III: Multicellular Systems and Their Environment

  • 15:30 h – 15:50 h: Dr. Mahesh Subramanium (BARC).
    “Mechanistic understanding of the antibacterial activity of Hydroxychavicol and Stilbenes”
  • 15:50 h – 16:10 h: Dr. Amit Dutt (ACTREC).
    “Translating cancer genomics to medicine”
  • 16:10 h – 16:30 h: Dr. Abhijeet Majumdar (IIT-B).
    "Patterning of mesenchymal stem cells using 3-diemnsional inhomogeneity in physical cues”
  • 16:30 h – 16:45 h: Tea and Snacks
  • 15: 30 h – 16:30 h: Invited talks, 15 mins. Each

Session IV: Structure and Function of Biological Molecules

  • 16:45 h – 17:00 h: Dr. Srishti Dar (TIFR).
    “Structural determinants for membrane fission”
  • 17:00 h – 17:15 h: Dr. Pushpa Mishra (Univ. of Mumbai).
    “SSTP as to probe structural and functional insights into proteins”
  • 17:15 h – 17:30 h: Dr. Avinash Kale (UM-DAE CEBS).
    “Structural insights into dynamics of RecU–HJ complex formation elucidates key role of NTR and stalk region toward formation of reactive state”

Session V: Industrial Application of Biological Chemistry

  • 17:30 h – 17:45 h: Dr. Sangamitra Chatterjee (ICT).
    “Biomedical applications of nanomaterial modified sensors: An expanding horizon”
  • 17:45 h – 18:00 h: Dr. Varsha Mane-Kelkar (Univ. of Mumbai).
    “Bio-deterioration and preservation of polymers”
  • 10 mins Student presentation (selected from the Abstracts)
  • 18:15 h – 18:30 h: Closing remarks and Vote of thanks

Local Chapter Co-convenors: Prof. Hari S. Misra (BARC) and Prof. Prashant Phale (IIT-B)

Organizers: Prof. Jacinta D’Souza | Dr. Subhojit Sen | Dr. Manu Lopus

Adjunct Committee Members:
Dr. V.L. Sirisha, Dr. Siddhesh Ghag, Dr. Sanith C, Dr. Patricia Pinto, Dr. Shraddha Mehta, Dr. Venkatramanan G. Rao

Recent Advances in Chemical Biology


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