R. Nagarajan

Emeritus Professor

Prof. R. Nagarajan is associated with CBS since its inception and presently Emeritus Professor at CBS. After 40 years of research career at TIFR, Mumbai, he supperannuated in the year 2004. His research interests are: Experimental Condensed Matter Physics - Superconductivity, Magnetism, and Valence Fluctuation. In his research career he specialized in the nuclear technique of Mossbauer Spectroscopy for investigations of solid state properties such as magnetism and valence state. Using 151Eu Mossbauer resonance he and his collaborators discovered / confirmed the relatively rare phenomenon of fluctuation (in time) of Eu valence in some Eu intermetallic compound. He and his collaborators are internationally well known for the discovery of superconductivity in YNi- B-C (Tc~15K), the first quaternary system to exhibit superconductivity leading to a new subject: “superconductivity and magnetism in quaternary borocarbides”. Prof. Nagarajan’s interests include Digital Electronics Instrumentation and Low Temperature Techniques. The home made Mossbauer spectrometer and data acquisition system (first using discrete ICs and later using microprocessors) developed by him were adopted in many laboratories in India in the 1980s.

In recognition of his scientific contributions, Prof. Nagarajan has been elected as Fellow of all the three major science academies of India: Indian National Science Academy, Delhi, Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore, National Academy of Sciences of India, Allahabad. He has been awarded Materials Medal of INSA, Medal of Materials Research Society of India and Prof. R. Srinivasan award for low temperature / cryogenics of IUCDAEF, Indore.


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