S. K. Ghosh

Distinguished Professor


  • Ph. D. (Chemistry), Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India
  • M. Sc. (Chemistry), University of Burdwan, West Bengal, India
  • B. Sc. (Chemistry Honours), University of Burdwan, West Bengal, India


  • Faculty, Scientific Officer, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai (1976-2013)
  • Head, Theoretical Chemistry Section, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai (2005-2013)
  • Dean-Academic (Chemical Sciences, BARC), Homi Bhabha National Institute, Mumbai  (2006-2013)
  • Research Associate, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA (1984-1985)


  • Theoretical Chemistry, Computational Molecular & Materials Science, Soft Condensed  Matter Physics

Selected Publications:

  • K. R. S. Chandrakumar and S. K. Ghosh, Nano Letters 8, 13-19 (2008). “Alkali-metal-induced enhancement of hydrogen adsorption in C60 fullerene: An ab Initio study”
  • A. Samanta, and S.K. Ghosh, J.  Phys. Chem. A  112, 752-757 (2008). “A  unified one-dimensional energy diffusion approach to the multi-dimensional  dynamical processes in condensed phase”
  • A. Samanta, S. M. Ali and S. K. Ghosh,  Physical  Review Letters, 87, 245901/1-4 (2001). “Universal scaling laws of diffusion in a binary fluid mixture”
  • S.M. Ali, A. Samanta and S.K. Ghosh, J. Chem. Phys. 114, 10419-10429  (2001), “Mode coupling theory of self and cross diffusivity in a binary fluid mixture:  Application to  Lennard-Jones  systems”
  • N. Choudhury and S.K. Ghosh, Phys. Rev. E 57, 1939-1945 (1998) "Modified weighted density functional approach to the crystal-melt interface".
  • T.K. Ghanty and S.K. Ghosh, J. Amer Chem Soc 116, 3943-3948 (1994) "Spin-polarised generalisation of the concepts of electronegativity and hardness and the description of   chemical binding"
  • S.K. Ghosh, Chem. Phys. Lett. 172, 77-82 (1990) "Energy derivatives in density functional theory".
  • S.K. Ghosh and A.K. Dhara,  Phys. Rev. A 38, 1149-1158 (1988). "Density functional theory of many-electron systems subjected to time-dependent   electric and magnetic  fields"

Awards / Honours:

  • Fellow, Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore
  • Fellow, Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi
  • Fellow, National Academy of Sciences, India, Allahabad
  • Fellow, The World  Academy of Sciences (TWAS), Trieste, Italy
  • Fellow, Maharashtra  Academy of Sciences, Pune
  • Awarded The World  Academy of Sciences (TWAS) Prize in Chemistry
  • Awarded Silver Medal of Chemical Research Society of India
  • Awarded A.V. Rama Rao Prize of JNCASR, Bangalore
  • Jagdish Shankar Memorial Lecture Award, INSA, New Delhi
  • J.C. Bose Fellowship, DST, New Delhi

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