Batch 2021-2026

Sr. No. Name of the Student Email ID School Batch
1 A.R. Bathri Narayanan School of Physical Sciences  2021-2026
2 Aashish Siddhardh Miryala School of Mathematical Sciences  2021-2026
3 Abinash Mishra School of Physical Sciences  2021-2026
4 Adithya Manoj School of Chemical Sciences  2021-2026
5 Adwick Gautam School of Chemical Sciences  2021-2026
6 Ankita School of Chemical Sciences  2021-2026
7 Anshika Awasthi School of Biological Sciences  2021-2026
8 Anshuman Singh School of Biological Sciences  2021-2026
9 Arif Mohammed M.A. School of Biological Sciences  2021-2026
10 Chinmayee Sahoo School of Biological Sciences  2021-2026
11 Deepkumar Umeshbhai Sangani School of Chemical Sciences  2021-2026
12 Dhiyanesh Gowrisankar School of Physical Sciences  2021-2026
13 Dibya Prakash Pradhan School of Chemical Sciences  2021-2026
14 Diwakar Singh Bais School of Physical Sciences  2021-2026
15 Iinayat Ahmad Chopan School of Physical Sciences  2021-2026
16 Jasleen Kaur School of Biological Sciences  2021-2026
17 Jwalit N. Panchal School of Physical Sciences  2021-2026
18 Mamun Haidar Ali School of Physical Sciences  2021-2026
19 Mayank Mahesh Bihani School of Physical Sciences  2021-2026
20 Neel Pushpkant Gajjar School of Biological Sciences  2021-2026
21 Oviya Gnanasekaran School of Mathematical Sciences  2021-2026
22 P. S.  Abhijjith Sankar School of Chemical Sciences  2021-2026
23 Pei Rejuli Godak School of Biological Sciences  2021-2026
24 Pranjal Sarkar School of Physical Sciences  2021-2026
25 Pratik Singh School of Chemical Sciences  2021-2026
26 Ranya Sharma School of Physical Sciences  2021-2026
27 Sahil Singh Bhandari School of Mathematical Sciences  2021-2026
28 Sai Charani Sree Kunireddi School of Chemical Sciences  2021-2026
29 Sailesh Kumar Mahanta School of Biological Sciences  2021-2026
30 Sakshi Mithaliya School of Biological Sciences  2021-2026
31 Shivam Tiwari School of Chemical Sciences  2021-2026
32 Shreshtha Pareek School of Chemical Sciences  2021-2026
33 Shreya Ravishankar Daharwal School of Mathematical Sciences  2021-2026
34 Shrianshu Manimaya School of Chemical Sciences  2021-2026
35 Smruti Shree P. P.  Hati School of Mathematical Sciences  2021-2026
36 Soumita Das School of Biological Sciences  2021-2026
37 Soumya Ranjan Sahoo School of Physical Sciences  2021-2026
38 Sudheer Chowan Korra School of Biological Sciences  2021-2026
39 Swarup Behera School of Chemical Sciences  2021-2026
40 Trusha Ravi Ramtake School of Biological Sciences  2021-2026
41 Vishal Sai Vetrivel School of Physical Sciences  2021-2026

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CEBS was set up by the Department of Atomic Energy and the University of Mumbai in 2007. CEBS offers a 5 year integrated MSc program in Basic Sciences, with undergraduate teaching embedded in a postgraduate and research environment, for students who have completed 10+2 schooling or its equivalent.

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