UM-DAE-CEBS Publications 2019

1 1. Pyridyl and pyrimidyl chalcogenolates of coinage metals and their utility as molecular
precursors for the preparation of metal chalcogenides.
V. K. Jain New J. Chem., 43 (2019) 11034-11040.

2 2. Accessing copper-tin-sulfide nanostructure from diorganotin(IV) and copper(I) 2-pyridyl thiolates
Adish Tyagi, Goutam K. Kole, A.Y. Shah, A. Wadawale, A. P. Srivastva, M. Kumar, G. Kedarnath and V. K. Jain
J. Organomet. Chem., 887 (2019) 24-31.

3 3. Investigation of structure-property correlation in 2,2′-dipyridyl diselenide based derivatives
P. P. Phadnis, S. Nigama, R. Mishra, A. Wadawale, M. Kumar, A.Kunwar, C. Majumder, K. I. Priyadarsini and V. K. Jain
Indian J. Chem., 58 A (2019) 18-28.

4 4. Oral administration of 3,3’-diselenodipropionic acid prevents thoracic radiation induced pneumonitis in mice by suppressing NF-kB/IL – 17/G-CSF/ neutophil axis
K. A. Gandhi, J. S. Goda, V. V. Gandhi, A. Sadanpurwala, V. K. Jain, K. Joshi, S. Epari, S. Rane, B. Mohanty, P. Chaudhari, S. Kembhavi, A. Kunwar, V. Gota and K. I. Priyadarsini
Free Radical Biology and Medicine, 145 (2019) 8-19.

5 5. Synthesis and characterization of some BODIPY‐based substituted salicylaldimine Schiff bases
N. Kushwah, S. Mula, A. P. Wadawale, M. Joshi, G. Kedarnath, M. Kumar, T. K. Ghanty, S. K. Nayak and V. K. Jain
J. Heterocyclic Chem., 56 (2019) 2499-2507.

6 6. Amyloid like structures formed by single amino acid self-assemblies of cysteine and methionine
N. Gour, P. C. Kanth, B. Koshti, V. Kshtriya, D. Shah, S. Patel, R. Agrawal-Rajput and M. Pandey
ACS Chemical Neuroscience, 10 (2019) 1230.

7 7. Synthesis of acridone-naphthylamine derivative and its thermally-activated delayed fluorescence studies for application in OLEDs
A. A. Awasthi, N. Gupta, Q. T. Siddiqui, P. Parab, D. K. Palit, S. Bose and N. Agarwal
J. Chem. Sci., 131 (2019) 94 (

8 8. Thermally activated delayed fluorescence (green) in undoped film and exciplex emission (blue) in acridone−carbazole derivatives for OLEDs
Q. T. Siddiqui, A. A. Awasthi, P. Bhui, M. Muneer, K.R.S. Chandrakumar, S. Bose and N. Agarwal
J. Phys. Chem., C 123 (2019) 1003-1014.

9 9. TADF and exciplex emission in a xanthone–carbazole derivative and tuning of its electroluminescence with applied voltage
Q. T. Siddiqui, A. A. Awasthi, P. Bhui, P. Parab, M. Muneer, S. Bose and N. Agarwal
RSC Adv., 9 (2019) 40248–40254.

10 10. In-vitro anti-cancer and in-vivo immunomodulatory activity of two new compounds isolated from wheatgrass (Triticum aestivum L.)
S. Save, H. Chander, M. Patil, S. Singh, N. K. Satti, G. Chaturbhuj and B. Clement
Ind. J. Nat. Prod. Resour., 10 (2019) 9-22.

11 11. G‐SERF editing in two‐dimensional pure‐shift total correlation spectroscopy: Scalar coupling measurements for a group of spins in organic molecules
V. M. Rao Kakita, M. V. Joshi and R. V. Hosur
Chem. Phys. Chem., 20 (2019) 1559-1566.

12 12. Mechanistic insights from replica exchange molecular dynamics simulations into mutation induced disordered-to-ordered transition in hahellin, a βγ-crystallin.
S. Patel, B. Krishnan, R. V. Hosur and K. V. R. Charry
J. Phys. Chem B, 123 (2019) 5086-5098.

13 13. Natural compound safranal driven inhibition and dis-aggregation of α-Synuclein fibrils
S. S. Save, K. Rachineni, R. V. Hosur and S. Choudhary
Int. J. Biol. Macromol. 141 (2019) 585-595.

14 14. Triphala inhibits alpha-synuclein fibrillization and their interaction study by NMR provides insights into the self-association of the protein
M. Bopardikar, A. Bhattacharya, V. Mohan Rao Kakita, K. Rachineni, L. Borde, S. Choudhary, S. R. Koti Ainavarapu and R. V. Hosur
RSC Adv., 9 (2019) 28470-28477.

15 15. Ultraclean pure shift NMR spectroscopy with adiabatic composite refocusing pulses: Application to metabolite samples
V. Mohana Rao Kakita, K. Rachineni and R. V. Hosur
Chemistry Select, 4 (2019) 9893.

16 16. Model for electroluminescence in single-walled carbon nanotube field effect transistor under transverse magnetic field
T. Singh and P. Rai
Materials Research Express, 6 (2019) 116216.

17 17. Point contact Andreev reflection studies of a non-Centro symmetric superconductor Re6Zr
P. Parab, D. Singh, S. Haram, R. P. Singh and S. Bose
Scientific Report, 9 (2019) 2498.

18 18. Study of timing evolution from non-variable to structured large-amplitude variability transition in GRS 1915 + 105 using AstroSat
D. Rawat, M. Pahari, J. S. Yadav, P. Jain, R. Misra, K. Bagri, T. Katoch, P. C. Agrawal and R. K. Manchanda,
Astrophys. J., 870 (2019) 4.

19 19. LAXPC/AstroSat study of ∼1 and ∼2 mHz quasi-periodic oscillations in the Be/X-Ray binary 4U 0115+63 during Its 2015 outburst
J. Roy, P. C. Agrawal, N. K. Iyer, D. Bhattacharya, J. S. Yadav, H. M. Antia, J. V. Chauhan, M. Choudhury, D. K. Dedhia, T. Katoch, P. Madhavani, R. K. Manchanda, R. Misra, M. Pahari, B. Paul and P. Shah
Astrophys. J., 872 (2019) 33.

20 20. Thermonuclear X-ray bursts in rapid succession in 4U 1636-536 with AstroSat-LAXPC A. Beri, B. Paul, J. S. Yadav, H. M. Antia, P. C. Agrawal, R. K. Manchanda, D. Dedhia, J. V.
Chauhan, M. Pahari, R. Misra, T. Katoch, P. Madhwani, P. Shah and V. S. Mate,
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 482 (2019) 4397.

21 21. Mode of accretion in episodic radio galaxies and the dynamics of their outer relic lobes
C. Konar, M. J. Hardcastle, J. H. Croston, M. Jamrozy, A. Hota, T. K. Das
Monthly Notices of Royal Astronomical Society, 486 (2019) 3975.

22 22. Mean field solar dynamo in the presence of partially ionized plasmas and sub-surface shear
B. S. Paradkar, S. M. Chitre and V. Krishan
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 488 (2019) 4329-4337.

23 23. X-shaped Radio Galaxies: Optical Properties, Large-scale Environment and Relationship to Radio Structure
R. Joshi, Gopal-Krishna, X. Yang, J. Shi, S. Yu, P. J. Wiita, L. C. Ho, X. Wu, T. AN, R. Wang, S. Subramanian and H. Yesuf
The Astrophysical Journal, 887, (2019) 266

24 24. Hydrogen storage properties of Ti2FeV BCC solid solution.
T. K. Das, A. Kumar, P. Ruz, S. Banerjee and V. Sudarsan
J. Chem. Sci. 131 (2019) 98. (

25 25. Assessment of nonlocal nuclear potentials in α decay
J. E. Perez Velasques, N. G. Kelkar and N. J. Upadhyay
Phys. Rev. C, 99 (2019) 024308.

26 26. Isomers from intrinsic excitations in 200Tl and 201,202Pb
P. Roy, S. K. Tandel, S. Suman, P. Chowdhury, R. V. F. Janssens, M. P. Carpenter, T. L. Khoo, F. G. Kondev, T. Lauritsen, C. J. Lister, D. Seweryniak and S. Zhu
Physical Review C, 100 (2019) 024320.

27 27. Decoupled and semi-decoupled bands in 197Hg and 199Hg
D. Negi, S. K. Tandel, P. Chauhan, P. Chowdhury, R. V. F. Janssens, M. P. Carpenter, T. L
Khoo, F. G. Kondev, T. Lauritsen, C. J. Lister, D. Seweryniak and S. Zhu Physical Review C, 100 (2019) 014329.

28 28. Structure of odd-A Pt isotopes along the line of stability
S. G. Wahid, S. K. Tandel, P. Chowdhury, R. V. F. Janssens, M. P. Carpenter, T. L. Khoo, F.
G. Kondev, T. Lauritsen, C. J. Lister, D. Seweryniak, S. Zhu, Q. B. Chen and J. Meng Physical Review C, 100 (2019) 014328.

29 29. Decay spectroscopy of two-quasiparticle K isomers in 246,248Cm via inelastic and transfer reactions
U. Shirwadkar, S. K. Tandel, P. Chowdhury, T. L. Khoo, I. Ahmad, M. P. Carpenter, J. P. Greene, R. V. F. Janssens, F. G. Kondev, T. Lauritsen, C. J. Lister, D. Peterson, D.
Seweryniak, X. Wang and S. Zhu Physical Review C, 100, (2019) 034309.

30 30. Bound on Rindler trajectories in black hole spacetime
K. Paithankar and S.Kolekar
Physical Review D, 99 (2019) 064012.

31 31. Rindler horizons in the Schwarzschild space time
K. Paithankar and S. Kolekar
Physical Review D, 100 (2019) 084029.

32 32. Vertical flow paper-based plasmonic device for cysteine detection
S. Mehta, H. Muthurajan and J. S. D'Souza
Biomedical Microdevices, 21 (2019) 55-61.

33 33. A micro-Raman and chemometric study of urinary tract infection-causing bacterial pathogens in mixed cultures
M. Yogesha, K. Chawla, A. Bankapur, M. Acharya, J. S. D'Souza and S. Chidangil
Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 411 (2019) 3165.

34 34. Ciliary dysfunction: from relative obscurity to a formidable position
J. S. D’Souza
Spinco Biotech Cutting Edge (100th Edition), 9 (2019) 64-65.

35 35. RNAi-mediated protection against banana diseases and pests
S. B. Ghag and T. R. Ganapathi
3 Biotech, 9 (2019) 112.

36 36. Fusarium wilt disease of banana in India: Current Scenario
S. B. Ghag
Agrotechnology (Editorial), 8 (2019) e121.

37 37. Tryptone-stabilized gold nanoparticles induce unipolar clustering of supernumerary
centrosomes and G1 arrest in triple-negative breast cancer cells
J.G. Nirmala and M. Lopus Scientific Reports, 9 (2019) 19126.

38 38. Perturbation of tubulin structure by stellate gold nanoparticles retards MDA-MB-231 breast
Cancer cell viability J. Nirmala Grace, A. Beck, S. Mehta and M. Lopus
J. Biol. Inorg. Chem., 24 (2019) 999-1007.

39 39. Insights into the structure and tubulin-targeted anticancer potential of N-(3-bromobenzyl) noscapine
S. Cheriyamundath, T. Mahaddalkar, P.K.R. Nagireddy, B. Sridhar, S. Kantevari, and M.Lopus
Pharmacol. Rep., 71 (2019) 48–53.

40 40. Deciphering the anti-Parkinson’s activity of sulfated polysaccharides from Chlamydomonas
reinhardtii on the α-synuclein mutants A30P, A53T, E46K, E57K, and E35K
G. P. Panigrahi, A. R. Rane, S. L. Vavilala and S. Choudhary J. Biochem., 166 (2019) 463-474.

41 41. Nitrate stress‑induced bioactive sulfated polysaccharides from Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
J. Vishwakarma, V. Parmar and S. L. Vavilala
Biomed. Res. J., 6 (2019) 7-16.

42 42. Evaluating the antibacterial and antibiofilm potential of sulfated polysaccharides extracted
from green algae Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
J. Vishwakarma and S. L. Vavilala J. Appl. Microbiol., 127 (2019) 1004-1017.

43 43. Roots of elements in Lie groups and the exponential maps,
S. G. Dani
Contemporary Mathematics, 738 (2019) 13-22.

44 44. More variants of Erdos- Selfridge superelliptic curves and their rational points
N. Saradha
Indian J. of Pure and Applied Math., 50 (2019) 333-342.

45 45. Products of factorials which are powers
A. Berczes, A. Dujella, L. Hajdu, N. Saradha and R. Tijdeman
Acta Arith., 190 (2019) 339-350.

Papers in press

1 On the interlacing of zeros of Poincare series,
E. Saha and N. Saradha
Ramanujan J.,

2 On the congruence subgroup problem for anisotropic groups of inner type A n ,
M. M. Radhika and M. S. Raghunathan
Mathematische Zeitschrift,

3 Concept of reaction coordinate for dynamics of optically controlled non-equilibrium processes in condensed phase,
M. Das, A. Samanta and S. K. Ghosh
Theoretical Chemistry Accounts (in press)

4 Effect of aggregation on hydration of HSA protein: Steady state terahertz absorption spectroscopic study.
B. Manna, A. Nandi, M. Tanaka, H. Toyokawa, R. Kuroda and D. K. Palit
J. Chem. Sci. (2019) (doi: 10.1007/s12039-019-1696-4).

5 Scope, Kinetics and Mechanism of “On Water” Cu Catalysis in the C – N Cross Coupling Reactions of Indole derivatives
V. Malavade, M. Patil and M. Patil
Eur. J. Org. Chem. (in press).

6 Effect of Tetracycline family of antibiotics on actin aggregation, resulting in the formation of Hirano bodies responsible for neuropathological disorders
Samridhi Pathak, Sarita Tripathi, Nayan Deori, Basir Ahmad, Hriday Verma, Rama Lokhande, Shirisha Nagotu and Avinash Kale
Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics (in press)

7 Directional dependence of the Unruh effect for spatially extended detectors
S. Kolekar
Physical Review D, (2019) [arXiv:1911.02937].

8 53. Cell death mechanisms in eukaryotes
J. Nirmala Grace and M. Lopus
Cell Biol. Toxicol., (2019); doi: 10.1007/s10565-019-09496-2

9 54. A Chemometric study combined with spectroscopy for the quantification of secondary structure
of Flagellar associated protein 174 (FAP174) M. Yogesha, V. G. Rao, P. Devangad, J. S. D’Souza and S. Chidangil
J. Chemometrics, DOI: 10.1002/cem.3221

10 55. Functional characterization of an inducible bidirectional promoter from Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense.
A. Dash, V. Gurdaswani, J. S. D'Souza and S. B. Ghag
Scientific Reports, (in press)

Publications in Book Chapter

1 1. Metabolic Engineering and Genetic Manipulation of Novel Biomass Species for Biofuel
Production. In Advanced Bioprocessing for Alternative Fuels, Biobased Chemicals, and Bioproducts.
S. B. Ghag, S. L. Vavilala and J. S. D’Souza Woodhead Publishing (Elsevier), Chapter 2 (2019) 13-34. (ISBN: 978-0-12-817941-3).

2 2. Lignin: Understanding and Exploring Its Potential for Biofuel Production. In Advanced
Bioprocessing for Alternative Fuels, Biobased Chemicals, and Bioproducts.
S. L. Vavilala, S. B. Ghag, and J. S. D’Souza Woodhead Publishing (Elsevier), Chapter 9 (2019) 165-186. (ISBN: 978-0-12-817941-3).

3 3. Applications of metal-selenium and /-tellurium compounds in materials science V.K. Jain and G. Kedarnath
In ‘Selenium and tellurium reagents in chemistry and materials science’; Chapter 11, pp 383-443,
Eds. R. Laitinen and R. Oilunkaniemi, Walther de Gruyter, Germany (2019) (ISBN: 978-11-0529934-0).

4 4. Mensuration of quadrilaterals in the Lilavati,
S.G. Dani Bhaskara-prabha, Culture and History of Mathematics 11, Ed: K. Ramasubramanian, Takao
Hayashi and Clemency Montelle, pp. 129-139 Hindustan Book Agency 2019.

5 5. Plant tolerance to environmental stress: translating research from lab to land (Chapter 1) In Molecular Plant Abiotic Stress: Biology and Biotechnology
P. Suprasanna and S. B. Ghag
Wiley, (2019) 1-28. (Online ISBN: 9781119463665 Print ISBN: 9781119463696).

6 6. Pillars of transcendence
N. Saradha and R. Thangadurai
Springer Nature, (2019), Accepted

7 7. Induced genetic diversity in banana S. Penna, S. B. Ghag, T. R. Ganapathi and S. M. Jain
In: Genetic diversity in horticultural crops, Sustainable Development and Biodiversity,
Nandwani D (eds.), 22. Springer, Cham (2019) 273-297.

8 Actin polymerization in apicomplexan: The structural, functional, and the evolution analysis
Avinash Kale (Editer)
Springer-Nature, ISBN- 978-981-13-7449-4

Publications in Conferences/ Symposia

1 1.Transformation optics using finite-difference time-domain method
P. Dhawan and B. S. Paradkar
Proc. SPIE 10927, Photonic and photonic properties of Engineered Nanostructures IX, (2019) 109270E.

2 2. How to publish a scientific paper
M. Lopus
Proceeding of the Research Methodology and Data Analysis Workshop, University of Mumbai, (2019) 71-73.

3 4. Evaluating conserved mechanisms of stress induced gene silencing from humans’ cancers to Chlamydomonas.
S Sen
14th Indo-Australian Biotechnology Conference, “Emerging modalities to improve cancer outcome”, October 22-23, 2018.

4 5. High-K states and band structures in Yb isotopes
Saket Suman, S. K. Tandel, S.G. Wahid, Poulomi Roy, A. Chakraborty, K. Mandal, A.K. Mondal, G. Mukherjee, S. Bhattacharyya, Soumik Bhattacharya, R. Banik, S. Nandi, Shabir Dar, A. Asgar, S. Samanta, S. Das, S. Chatterjee, R. Raut, S.S. Ghugre, A. Sharma, Sajad Ali and P. Chowdhury
Proceedings of the DAE BRNS Symposium on Nuclear Physics 64 (2019) 226.

5 6. Oblate deformed band structures in 199Tl
Manu Thulaseedharan, S.G. Wahid, Saket Suman and S. K. Tandel
Proceedings of the DAE BRNS Symposium on Nuclear Physics 64 (2019) 252.

6 7. Revisiting isomeric states in 215Fr
Khamosh Yadav, A. Y. Deo, Pragati, Madhu, S. K. Tandel, S. S. Bhattacharjee, S. Chakraborty, S. Rai, S. G. Wahid, S. Kumar, S. Muralithar, R. P. Singh, Indu Bala, Ritika Garg and A. K. Jain
Proceedings of the DAE BRNS Symposium on Nuclear Physics 64 (2019) 206.

7 8. Search for non-natural parity states in 213At
Madhu, A. Y. Deo, Pragati, Khamosh Yadav, S. K. Tandel, S. S. Bhattacharjee, S. Chakraborty, S. Rai, S. G. Wahid, S. Kumar, S. Muralithar, R. P. Singh, Indu Bala, Ritika Garg and A. K. Jain
Proceedings of the DAE BRNS Symposium on Nuclear Physics 64 (2019) 210.

8 9. Signature splitting in πd5/2 band of 183Ir
A. Sharma, Shashi K. Dhiman, Pankaj Kumar, S. Muralithar, R. P. Singh, Yashraj, K. Katre, R. K. Gurjar, Kusum Rani, R. Kumar, S. S. Tiwary, Neelam, Anuj, S. Kumar, Saket Suman, S. K. Tandel, S. Bhattacharya, U. Lamani and Subodh
Proceedings of the DAE BRNS Symposium on Nuclear Physics 64 (2019) 190.

9 10. Spin assignment of a dipole band in 104Ag
Kaushik Katre, K. Suryanarayana, A. Tejaswi, M. Kumar Raju, M. Ratna Raju, D. Vijaya Lakshmi, T. Seshi Reddy, J. Matta, A .D. Ayangeakaa, U. Garg, R. Bhattacharjee, S. S. Bhattacharjee, S. Samanta, S. Das, N. Ghosh, R. Raut, S. S. Ghugre, A. K. Sinha, S. Mukhopadhyay, L. Dhanu, B. K. Nayak, D. C. Biswas, A. Y. Deo, S. K. Tandel, N. Kaur, Ashok Kumar, S. Saha, J. Sethi, R. Palit, S. Chattopadhyay, S. Chakraborty, S. Muralithar and R. P. Singh
Proceedings of the DAE BRNS Symposium on Nuclear Physics 64 (2019) 192.


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