UM-DAE-CEBS Publications 2023

1 Isolation and characterization of extracellular vesicles from Fusarium oxysporum
f. sp. cubense, a banana wilt pathogen L. B. Fernandes, J. S. D’Souza, T. K. Prasad, and S. B. Ghag
Biochim. Biophy. Acta Gen. Subje., 1867 (2023) 130382

2 Appearing and disappearing acts of cilia
S. Arora, M. Rana, A. Sachde and J. S. D’Souza
J. Biosci., 48 (2023) 8

3 UV stress Effect on e structure and function of Pro‐apoptotic bid and Anti‐apoptotic Bcl‐xl proteins
A. Bera, S. Singh, J. S. D'Souza, R. V. Hosur and P. Mishra
ChemBioChem, 24(5) (2023) 202200682

4 A‐kinase anchoring proteins are enriched in the central pair microtubules of motile cilia in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
V. G. Rao, A. A. Shendge, P. P. D’Gama, E. A. Martis, S. Mehta, E. C. Coutinho and J. S. D’Souza
FEBS lett., (2023)

5 Smart delivery systems responsive to cathepsin B activity for cancer treatment
V. S. Egorova, E. P. Kolesova, M. Lopus, N. Yan, A. Parodi,
Jr AA Zamyatnin Pharmaceutics, 15 (2023), 1848

6 Nano-Ayurvedic medicine: Promises and potential as tunable cancer therapeutics
M. Lopus
J. Integr. Med., 2 (2023), 117-119

7 The Advent of Nano-herbal Medicine
M. Lopus
Science Reporter, NISCAIR, CSIR, Govt of India 60 (2023), 10

8 Combating planktonic and biofilm growth of Serratia marcescens by repurposing ebselen
A. S. Shaukat, P. Bharti, K. I. Priyadarsini and V. L. Sirisha
Int. Microbio. 26 (2022) 693-704

9 Tryptone-stabilized silver nanoparticles’ potential to mitigate planktonic and biofilm growth forms of Serratia marcescens
P. Pandey, K. Meher, B. Falcao, M. Lopus and V. L. Sirisha
J. Biol. Inorg. Chem., 28 (2023), 139–152.

10 Anti-biofilm potential against P. aeruginosa biofilm in cystic fibrosis infection
by systemically developed garlic extract incorporated liposomal formulation
V. Ghodake, S. Dhoble, V. L. Sirisha and V. Patravale J. Drug Deliv. Sci. Technol., 82 (2023) 104359

11 Designing Climate-Resilient Crops for Sustainable Agriculture: A Silent Approach
S. B. Ghag, A. Anshu, M. V. Rajam and P. Suprasanna
J. Plant Growth Regul., 42 (2023) 6503-6522

12 Molecular precursor approach to develop catalytically relevant nanosized metals,
palladium chalcogenides and ternary/quaternary metal chalcogenides
G. Kedarnath and V. K. Jain New J. Chem., 47 (2023) 20688-20702

13 A redox active organodiselenide as an efficacious catalyst for the synthesis of oxygen-containing heterocyclic compounds
N. Rahman, N. Kushwaha and K I Priyadarsini,
New J. Chem., (2023) 47, 15686–15693

14 Inhibition of α-Synuclein fibrillation by natural polyphenols: Thermodynamic and biophysical aspects.
Tinku, S. Choudhary
J. Chem. Thermodyn. 177 (2023) 106951.

15 Physicochemical insights into the micellar delivery of doxycycline and minocycline to the carrier protein in aqueous environment.
Tinku, A. K. Prajapati, S. Choudhary
J. Mol. Liquids, 379 (2023) 121675.

16 A path integral approach to quantum fluid dynamics: Application to double-well potential
Sagnik Ghosh and Swapan K. Ghosh
Theore. Chem. Acc., 142 (2023) 57.

17 Dynamics of hydrogen bond reorganization in the S1(ππ*) state of 9-Anthracenecarboxaldehyde
Rajib Ghosh, Sagnik Datta, A. K. Mora, B. Modak, S. Nath and D. K. Palit
J. Photochem. Photobiol. A: Chemistry, 436 (2023) 114379 – 114392.

18 Excited state dynamics of bay and peri benzothienyl perylene to understand the excimer formation and its dissociation
Swati J. N. Dixit, Amey P. Wadawale, Rajib K. Ghosh and N. Agarwal
J. Photochem. Photobiol. Chem.A, 447 (2023) 115179.

19 Near infra-red absorbing Quinolizidine fused curcuminoid-BF2 chelate and its applications in photodynamic therapy using MCF-7 and A549 cells
S. Mishra, S. B. Shelar, K.C. Barick, P.A. Hassan and N. Agarwal
Photodiagnosis and Photodyn. Ther., (2023) 103951

20 Ligand combination approach in palladium-catalyzed direct C-H arylation of benzothiazole/benzoxazole
S. Bakare and M. Patil
Eur. J. Org. Chem., (2023)

21 The decimal place-value system, Part I: The Vedic roots
S. G. Dani
TIMC Bulletin, 4 (2023) 14 -18.

22 The decimal place-value system, Part II: Advancing to Maturity
S. G. Dani
TIMC Bulletin, 4 (2023) 1-12.

23 A review of superconductivity in nanostructures—from nanogranular films to anti-dot arrays
Sangita Bose
Supercond. Sci. Technol., 36 (2023) 063003.

24 Brieva-Rook approximation for the central exchange potential revisited
W. Haider, Syed Rafi, J. R. Rook and A. Bhagwat
Pramana, 97 (2023) 61.

25 Mic-Mac model based on the Wigner – Kirkwood method
A.Bhagwat, M. Centells, X. Vinas. R. Wyss
Eur.Phys. J. A. (2023) 59-299

26 Improved energy-spread in the radiation pressure acceleration of protons with a linearly polarized laser
B. S. Paradkar
Phys. Rev. E, 108 (2) (2023) 025203,

27 Intranight optical variability of low-mass active galactic nuclei: a pointer to blazar-like activity
Gopal-Krishna, Chand Krishan, Chand Hum, V. Negi, S. Mishra, S. Britzen and P. S. Bisht
Mon. Notices Royal Astron. Soci. (Letters), 518 (2023) L 13

28 Detection of a Peculiar Drift in the Nuclear Radio Jet of the TeV Blazar Markarian 501
Britzen, Silke; Gopal-Krishna; Kun, Emma; Olivares, Héctor; Pashchenko, Ilya; Jaron, Frédéric; González, Josefa Becerra; Paneque, David
Universe, 9 (2023) 115.

29 The transience and persistence of high optical polarisation state in beamed radio quasars
Chand Krishan, Gopal-Krishna, A. Omar, Chand Hum and P. S. Bisht
Publi. Astrono. Soci. Aust., 40, id. e006 (2023)

30 A physically-motivated perspective of Fanaroff-Riley classification of radio galaxies
Gopal-Krishna, Paul J. Wiita, R. Joshi, D. Patra
Astrophys. Astron., 44 (2023) 44.

31 Precession-induced variability in AGN jets and OJ 287
Britzen, Silke, Zajacek, Michal; Gopal-Krishna, Fendt, Christian; Kun, Emma; Jaron, Frederic; Sillanpaa, Aimo; Eckart, Andreas
Astrophys., 951 (2023) 106.

32 Intranight optical variability of blazars and radio-quiet quasars using the ZTF survey
V. Negi, Gopal-Krishna; Ravi Joshi, Chand Hum, Paul J Wiita, P. K. Navaneeth, Ravi S. Singh
Mon. Notices Royal Astron. Soci., 522 (2023) 115.

33 Intranight optical variability of TeV blazars with parsec-scale jets dominated by slow-moving radio knots
V. Negi; Gopal-Krishna; Chand, Hum; Britzen, Silke
Mon. Notices Royal Astron. Soci. (Letters), 524 (2023), L66.

34 The ‘spectral index - flux density relation’ for extragalactic radio sources selected at metre and decametre wavelengths
P. Dabhade; Gopal-Krishna
Astronomy & Astrophysics (Letters), 675, (2023), L3.

35 Spectral index variation across X-shaped radio galaxies
D. Patra; Joshi, Ravi; Gopal-Krishna
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 524 (2023), 327

36 Discovery of inverse-Compton X-ray emission and estimate of the volume-averaged magnetic field in a galaxy group
F. N. Mernier; Werner, N.; Bagchi, J.: Gendron-Marsolais, M. -L.; Gopal-Krishna; Guainazzi, M.; Richard-Laferriere, A.; Shimwell, T. W.; Simionescu, A.
Mon. Notices Royal Astron. Soci., 524 (2023) 4939.

37 Shell effect on fission fragment mass distribution at E∗cn up to 70 MeV: Role of multichance fission
S. Santra, A. Pal, D. Chattopadhyay, A. Kundu, P. C. Rout, Ramandeep Gandhi, A. Baishya, T. Santhosh, K. Ramachandran, R. Tripathi, B. J. Roy, T. N. Nag, G. Mohanto, S. De, B. K. Nayak, and S. Kailas
Phys. Rev. C 107, L061601 (2023)

38 Investigating neutron transfer in the 6Li + 124Sn System
V. V. Parkar, A. Parmar, Prasanna M. and S. Kailas
Phys. Rev. C 107, 024602 (2023)

39 Systematics and Mechanisms of ∝ production with weakly and strongly bound projectiles
V. V. Parkar, V. Jha, S. Kailas
Eur.Phys. J.A. (2023) 59:88

40 Sehadri Constants on some blow-ups of Projective spaces
Rupam Karmakar and Praveen Kumar Roy
Int. Math. (2023) 2350097

41 Square Kilometre Array—India Consortium: Education and Public Outreach
N. M. Ramanujam, P. Dutta, I. Kavila, M. Chakraborty, S. Dhurde, A.Hota, C. Konar, D. Oberoi, M. Pandey-Pommier & M.S. Rao
Astrophys. Astron., 45, 2 (2023)

Papers in Press

1 Inorganic chemistry at the crossroads of catalysis and materials science
V. K. Jain and G. K Preprints ( Posted: 30 May 2023
doi:10.20944/preprints 202305.2057.v1

2 On associated graded modules of maximal Cohen-Macaulay modules over hypersurface rings
Ankit Mishra and Tony J. Puthenpurakal
Algebra its App., (2023)

Book Chapters

1 Thermally activated delayed fluorescence in metal-free small organic materials: understanding and applications in OLEDs
Biki K. Behra and N. Agarwal
Handbook of Materials Science, Ed. by R. S. Ningthoujam and A. K. Tyagi. Vol 1, 2023, 243-282.

2 Metal chalcogenolates: Synthesis and applications to materials science
V. K. Jan and R. S. Chauhan
In ‘Chalcogen Chemistry: Fundamentals and Applications’, Chapter-3; pp 58-82; Eds V. Lippolis, C. Santi, E.J. Lenardao and A.L. Braga, RSC (UK) Hardback ISBN: 978-1-83916-422-4; 15 February 2023

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