Current Students in Ph.D. Programme

Batch - III
Sr. No Name of the student School Guide Name Year
1. Ms. Anita Prajapati Chemistry Dr. S. Chaudhary Dec 2020
2. Ms. Syed Sadaf Fatima Chemistry Dr. S. Choudhary March 2021
3. Ms. Komal Vasant Barhate Chemistry Dr. N. Agarwal March 2021
4. Ms. Pranali Thakur Chemistry Dr. M. Patil March 2021
5. Ms. Pooja Pandey Biology Dr. V.L. Sirisha March 2021
6. Ms. Sneha Baburao Desai Biology Dr. J. D’Souza March 2021
7. Mr. Deepak Gautam Physics Dr. B. Paradkar March 2021
8. Ms. Lekshmi J. Physics Dr. P. Rai March 2021
Batch – II
Sr. No Name of the student School Guide Name Year
9. Ms. Sneha Mishra Chemistry Dr. N. Agarwal October 2019
10. Mr. Rahul Gupta Chemistry Dr. A. Kale October 2019
11. Mr. Arnab Goswami Mathematics Dr. Sarkar October 2019
12. Ms. G. Radha Biology Dr. Manu Lopus October 2019
13. Mr. Shashank Arora Biology Prof. J. D’Souza October 2019
14. Mr. Raza Ali Jafri Biology Prof. J. D’Souza October 2019
15. Mr. Vivek Kumar Shukla Physics Dr. Rai October 2019
Batch – I
Sr. No Name of the student School Guide Name Year
16. Mr. Saket Suman Physics Dr. S. Tandel April 2018
17. Mr. Stalin Abraham Physics Dr. A. Bhagwat January 2019
18. Mr. Chandan Gupta Physics Dr. S. Bose January 2019
19. Ms. Amruta Shedge Biology Prof. J. D’Souza January 2019
20. Ms. Kimaya Meher Biology Dr. Manu Lopus January 2019
21. Ms. Vrunda Malvade Chemistry Dr. M. Patil January 2019
22. Ms. Tinku Chemistry Dr. S. Chaudhry January 2019
23. Ms. Swati Dixit Chemistry Dr. N. Agarwal January 2019




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CEBS was set up by the Department of Atomic Energy and the University of Mumbai in 2007. CEBS offers a 5 year integrated MSc program in Basic Sciences, with undergraduate teaching embedded in a postgraduate and research environment, for students who have completed 10+2 schooling or its equivalent.

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